Part of out team at the Nuremberg Toy Fair in 2010.

Our Philosophy and Our Journey.

Hexalia Games was founded on the belief in the importance of play to enhance flexible thinking, stimulate creativity and improve psychological resilience. (Read More)

Our journey at Hexalia Games is a true expression of the amazing and often unexpected possibilities that arise simply through playing. One rainy Sunday morning while sitting around playing games with my two young daughters I was struck by the stark contrast between their engaged participation and sustained concentration while playing games compared to the bored and disinterested orientation to completing rote learning homework tasks. 

I began developing activities and games that would both educate and engage their interest. I went on to develop a range of original games and puzzles. 

While no one can be sure of what challenges the next 10-30 years will hold, we can safely assume that, what ever else happens, the changing technological landscape will require flexibility to adapt to the fast changing job markets and technologies. The essential skills developed in play. 

Despite that quantum leap in technology over the past 3 decades, no computer has ever been able to compose a work of music, nor has any equation ever produced an engaging story line, or created a artistic work of beauty. These creative achievements require the type of abilities we need to foster in our children. The types of skills and abilities enhanced through play. We must provide time and space for children to engage in play if they are to find their place in a fast changing world.