Unfold your thinking potential
and allow your mind to blossom

The game Rosetta has adapted the popular Australian brain training puzzle by the same name to create a fun and engaging game that will revitalise your brain power while offering all the fun and interaction of a board game.

Rosetta is an excellent game for novices and experienced game players alike.

Great game for children as young as 8 years old who will enjoy the colourful expanding game design while benefiting from gaining confidence and familiarity with numbers as well as basic skills in planning and strategising.

Older players will enjoy the higher order reasoning and strategising of  sophisticated table games.
Rosetta will stimulate areas of your brain involved in higher order mental functioning such as visual-spatial pattern recognition, organisation and planning, deductive reasoning and flexible thinking.

Take your brain for a spin with this unique and engaging game that does not require a board and is perfect to take on holidays for hours of interactive fun.

Click here for more documentation on how to play the Rosetta


“This game really makes you think outside the square” (Business/Marketing Executive)
“It makes you think in ways that you never have before” (Teacher)
“An involving and very entertaining game to play with family and friends; I really got a buzz from playing it and I loved the way it made challenged me to think of different possibilities.” (Executive Engineer)
“I found it very engaging. A great game that can be played on many different levels” (85 year old grandmother)


 Focused Areas of Development

Visual Spatial reasoning.
Deductive reasoning
Working memory 


The popular number game Rosetta has been turned into an engaging brain training puzzle which is now being published
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